Stem Cell Therapy in Atlanta, GA

ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain offers stem cell therapy to help treat and heal pelvic pain and other conditions afflicting residents in or around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Milton, GA, and across the United States. 

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are cells that can divide off and become any type of cell in the body including bone, muscle and cartilage. Stem cell therapy utilizes stem cells to regenerate or repair diseased or damaged tissue. It is a form of regenerative medicine that is proving to be highly effective at treating many chronic and debilitating diseases and conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is completely natural and doesn’t use foreign objects or chemicals to treat patients. This innovative treatment uses the body’s own stem cells to reduce symptoms and side effects of common ailments. It can help to heal damaged nerves, joints, knees, hips and sacroiliac (SI) joints to alleviate pain and potential diseases. Unfortunately, stem cell therapy cannot be used to treat endometriosis, but it is effective at treating other pelvic pain conditions.

How is Stem Cell Therapy Performed?

Stem cell therapy is performed by first obtaining adult stem cells from somewhere on your body. They are then injected into the treatment area, such as the clitoris for sexual dysfunction or pudendal nerve to treat pudendal neuralgia. Board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Gary G. Theofilis doesn’t believe in just treating one thing; his goal is to increase the overall quality of his patients’ lives.

How Much Does Stem Cell Therapy Cost?

Costs will vary based on the specific treatment needed and the individual needs of the patient. All costs will be discussed prior to treatment during your personal consultation at ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain. For your convenience, we accept cash and credit cards as forms of payment.

Stem cell therapy is proving to be a treatment like no other. To learn more about stem cell therapy and the benefits it has to offer, contact board-certified anesthesiologist Gary G. Theofilis, DO, MBA, DABAM, DAAIM, at ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain. We serve patients in or around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Milton, GA, and around the United States.