Sexual Health in Atlanta, GA

ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain, led by board-certified anesthesiologist Gary G. Theofilis, DO, MBA, DABAM, DAAIM, is an advanced pain treatment facility that offers treatments related to sexual health to women in or around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Milton, GA, as well as throughout the United States. 

What is Sexual Health?

Just as your overall health is a priority, so is your sexual health. Sexual health focuses on sexuality and sexual relationships and the conditions that may be affecting them.

What Are the Benefits of Sexual Health Treatments?

Sexual health treatments at ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain help to correct any sexual and physical issues that may be interfering with your intimate relationship. Sexual health treatments reignite that flame between you and partner.

What Sexual Health Treatments Are Available?

At ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain, we always try to devise a treatment plan that doesn’t lead with medications. All patients are different and treatments will vary; however, a few treatments we offer include hormone replacement, which uses different types of creams along with the orgasm shot to help create clitoral stimulation for post-menopausal thinning of the vaginal lining.

How Much Do Sexual Health Treatments Cost?

Costs will vary based on the specific treatment needed and the individual needs of the patient. All costs will be discussed prior to treatment during your personal consultation at ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain. For your convenience, we accept cash and credit cards as forms of payment.

ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain provides sexual health treatments for the residents of Atlanta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, and the surrounding communities in Georgia, as well as patients across the United States. Sexual health conditions can help you regain your confidence and comfort during those intimate times. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.