Non Surgical Spine & Joint Regeneration in Atlanta, GA

ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain is Atlanta’s leading provider of regenerative medicine solutions such as PRP and stem cell therapies. We offer non-surgical regeneration therapies for the spine and joints that harness the body’s unique ability to heal itself. We serve residents in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, and the surrounding communities in Georgia, as well as individuals located around the country.

What is Non-Surgical Spine and Joint Regeneration?

Not all patients are candidates or in need of surgical treatments. Non-surgical regeneration therapies give those patients other options to utilize in effort to help treat spine and joint conditions such as knee replacement. Non-surgical therapies use the body’s ability to heal itself and regenerate cartilage.

What Non-Surgical Therapies Does the ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain Offer for Spine and Joint Regeneration?

PRP – Platelet-Rich Plasma – Uses active healing components of your own blood to treat chronic inflammation most commonly in joints. This was developed in the professional sports fields where the chronic use of steroids for the treatment of joint pain would result in ligamentous tears, damage to joints, and other physiological problems to the professional athlete.

Stem Cell Therapy – is truly regenerative medicine. We harness your own stem cells and utilize them to regenerate torn tissue and cartilage that has been lost over the years.

HGH TherapyHGH therapy utilizes Human Growth Hormone to help treat various age-related conditions.

Who is a Candidate for Non-Surgical Spine and Joint Regeneration?

Patients who do not desire to undergo surgery for treatment or who are not medically cleared to have surgery are typically good candidates for non-surgical spine and joint regeneration treatments.

How Much Do Non-Surgical Therapies Cost?

Costs will vary based on the specific treatment needed and the individual needs of the patient. All treatment options are discussed during your new patient visit. ARILEX is a Fee for Service Concierge Specialty Practice, we accept cash and credit cards as forms of payment. ARILEX will also assists patients in submitting to their insurance for reimbursement.

Surgery isn’t for everyone, and at the ARILEX Center for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain, we try to utilize therapies that will harness your body’s ability to heal itself naturally. To learn more about our non-surgical therapies for spine and joint regeneration, contact us to schedule a consultation. We serve residents in the Atlanta, GA, area as well as out-of-state residents.