Pain Management Doctor in Atlanta, GA
Dr. Gary G. Theofilis

Pain Management Doctor in Atlanta, GAGary G. Theofilis DO, MBA, DABAM, DAAIM has successfully treated thousands of patients across the United States. As an Anesthesiologist, Fellowship trained in Interventional Pain Medicine, he actively publishes and presents on Pain Management topics internationally. Dr. T is dedicated to providing quality care that harnesses the body’s unique ability to heal and treat itself.

“I don’t want my patients on pain medication forever. That’s no way to live. I treat my patients in a manner that enables them to live active lifestyles, enjoying all that life has to offer. This can only be achieved through Integrative Medicine which combines traditional and holistic medicine with nutrition, physical training and rehabilitation while treating the causes of pain.”

Dr. Theofilis is an active member of the following organizations:

  • American Academy of Pain Medicine
  • American Society of Integrative Medicine
  • Diplomate American Academy of Integrative Medicine
  • Diplomate American Board of Addiction Medicine
  • American Osteopathic Association

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