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Gary G. Theofilis DO, MBA, DABAM, DAAIM

-C. B. in Lawrenceville, Ga | May 12, 2017

“I can not express enough how this doctor is changing my life!! He listens to you about your situation and works to help you. His bedside manner is impeccable and his staff are so willing and gracious to help in anyway they can!! Thank you Dr. Theofilis!!”

-J.K. in Alpharetta, GA | May 11, 2017

“I am so blessed to have finally found Dr. Theofilis. Dr. T truly cares about his patients and he is the only doctor that has helped relieve my chronic pain. He always takes time to listen and never rushes you through. He is kind, caring and has excellent diagnostic skills. I can honestly say that with Dr. T and his wonderful staff I feel that I am in safe hands.”

-A.S.O. in Atlanta, GA | Apr 24, 2017

“Dr. T has performed 2 Radio Frequency Ablations in my low back and neck providing me with greater than 65% pain relief.”

-Flowery Branch, GA | Apr 20, 2017

“Dr. Theofilis treats me for my chronic neuropathic pain caused by Dysautonomia. I have always had severe pain, and Dr. Theofilis is amazing at helping with pain.”

-SEM in Lawrenceville, GA | Apr 17, 2017

“Dr. Theofilis helped me tremendously with female problems that had been chronic pain issues for me for years. He was attentive and sensitive to my questions, concerns and complaints regarding my chronic pain. I HIGHLY recommend him for chronic female pain disorders. Excellent doctor, staff and practice.”

-C. H. in Buford, GA | Apr 15, 2017

“I have multiple medical conditions that cause me to have chronic pain. After being referred to Dr. T he was able to identify the cause of my pain and successfully treat my ailments. The most helpful therapy has been for my Crohn’s disease. It’s been truly life-changing. The constant pain and discomfort is gone. I can’t thank Dr. T enough.”

-T. T. in Cumming, GA | Apr 14, 2017

“I cannot express the gratitude I have for the care and compassion Dr. Gary Theofilis has given me over the last couple months. After experiencing excruciating pain in my feet since December and getting several different diagnoses, I feel like he has finally given me hope and figured out the right path to having a good quality of life and moving forward in healing my pain and feeling better. He truly cares about his patient’s well-being and I am truly grateful for all his help.”

-Crystal in Gainesville, GA | Apr 14, 2017

“He and his staff is an amazing crew I couldn’t ask for a better team. Every operation I’ve ever had has been very successful. I would highly recommended him if you need pain management.”

-HS in Cumming, GA | Apr 13, 2017

“Dr. Theofilis is one of two doctors in the US, I believe, that can help manage chronic pelvic pain and chronic pain from transvaginal mesh. He listens to everything I have to say and has helped me better manage my pain. He is completely honest with you and works to help find a solution to your chronic pain. He does not over prescribe narcotics–which is good because they scare me! His procedure center is next door so you don’t have to go to a different location to get procedures.”

-Nancee in Lawrenceville, GA | Apr 11, 2017

“Dr Theofilis has been wonderful. He is kind, patient and takes the time to listen to me. He ha taken my pain seriously and has diligently tried to alleviate it with more than just medications. I have complete confidence in and wish he could be my primary care physician. I would recommend him to anyone with chronic pain issues.”

-Diana in Columbia, SC | Apr 10, 2017

“Dr. Theofilis (Dr.T, at-home talk name haha) has had the greatest impact on my life after a botched surgery in September 2013, leaving me with a tireless, endless search for an MD capable of treatment after devastating diagnosis of Pudendal Neuralgia in mid-2016. In Columbia,SC, by pure chance and good was given Dr.T’s information from meeting with him, onward; we haven’t looked back. He has incredible knowledge one wants in a trustworthy MD, combined with wonderful bedside manner and caring.”

-MR in Flowery Branch, GA | Apr 06, 2017

“I have been with Dr. T for a little over 2 years and I have to say he is a great doctor, he is easy to talk to and makes sure that he takes care of you. He is best doctor I have. I have Crohns Disease , IBS and 2 Renal Stints I have had Crohns and IBS for 8 years, which is very painful and my GI has done everything he can do so I have had no life until Dr. T started doing nerve blocks for my Crohns and Renal Stints and it has done so much for me the pain is now barely there and I feel better.”

-E. F. in Suwanee, GA | Apr 06, 2017

“After 20 months of chronic pain daily and seeing over 10 specialists, I was referred to Dr. Theofolis. Not only has he been able to help me with my pain (I’ve gone from a level 10 of pain to a 5) he shows true empathy and compassion for people. I was barely able to walk and now my stride has returned. When I say he has changed my life, it’s not meant lightly. My hope for anyone reading this is that you too will have the same success. Thank you Dr.T. I’m humbled by you and your practice.”

-Kate in Alpharetta, GA | Apr 05, 2017

“I was devastated when my previous Pain Management Dr. merged with another practice and didn’t accept my insurance any longer. She had given me parts of my life back through medicine, trigger point injections & dry needling. I was referred to several Dr’s who would not even see me but I kept on researching. I am SO glad to have found Dr. Gary Theofilis. He spends time with me & has already made a huge impact on my life in less than 1 month! I just had a dx nerve block. I am SO thankful for him & his staff!”

-C. W. in Russellville, TN | Apr 01, 2017

“Dr. T is a caring doctor all others just gave pain but Dr. T gave me meds an also helping the pain so far he’s done shots and now he burned both sides of lower back nerves and has really helped. He cares enough to get to bottom of pain. Hope who ever reads this it will help them decide I’m driving from Tennessee because I’m taking care of my dad- he’s 91-and mine is bad I live in Woodstock, GA but last year been back and forth. Thanks Dr. T your a good man and dr. May God bless you and all staff and patients.”

-C. H. in Gainesville, GA | Mar 22, 2017

“Dr. Gary g Theofilis, he is a very knowledgeable dr and listens to understand his patients. I have been very pleased with my experience with Dr Theofilis and his staff. I would highly recommend him to many of family and friends.”

-S. H. in Gainesville, GA | Mar 22, 2017

“When I met Dr. T my meds were out of control and I couldn’t walk now 2 years later, I am actually playing basketball and weight lifting and my meds are very in control. He not a 7 minuted doctor hes to me what I consider family I would recommend him to anybody with pain and out of control meds. Thank you for saving my life and getting me back on track.”

-Columbia, SC | Mar 18, 2017

“Dr. T is the only physician I could find that treated my pelvic pain. I travel 5 hrs from S. Carolina every month. He has treated me with a combination of medication and pudendal nerve blocks.”

-JGH in Dawsonville, GA | Mar 18, 2017

“I was able to get scheduled for my first visit in less than 4 days with Dr. Theofilis. He was extremely informative, explained all of my options, and sent me to a specialist for additional options. I called the office he recommended, I was told I could only see the PA. Dr. T got involved and the other doctor saw me the next day! This is the first time in more than two years my pain has been under control.”

-P. H. in Dawsonville, GA | Mar 18, 2017

“Dr. Theofilis is the most compassionate and knowledgeable doctor I have found. He cares about his patients and will fight for them harder than any other medical professional I have ever used! I have a rare connective tissue disorder and he was the 1st doctor EVER, I did NOT have to explain my condition too. Dr. T has fought to find me the best treatment and doctors around for all needs. Yes, the paperwork seems massive, every bit of it is necessary to correctly treat you. I will NEVER leave!!!”

-A. in Alpharetta, GA 30004 | Mar 18, 2017

“Dr. Theofilis is a wonderful doctor, since being in his care I have started to have a life again. With the work of medicine and his expertise I am now about to start walking with out a cane. If you want a doctor that is smart, understands the human body then he is your guy. Some doctor’s dope you up so much you can’t feel the pain but DR. T actually fixes the problem so you can live again.”

-Johns Creek, GA | Feb 14, 2017

“Dr. Theofilis has been fantastic. He is very knowledgeable and listens to my concerns and provides me with options to consider rather than trying to force me into a single solution (other doctors have tried). I never have to wait long once I arrive and he will spend as much time as needed to answer all my questions.”